Sunday, September 16, 2012


We have been doing many different activities to learn our own names and the names of our classmates.
We have name puzzles where we can practice our own names and the names of our new friends.

Play-dough Names

Mystery Helper - it is like hangman but with student names.  The kids love it.  I got this idea from the blog Kindergarten Hoppenings.  Here is a link:  Mystery Helper
I changed it to magnets so that it was quick setup everyday.  I have a list of student names along the side where I keep track of who has had a turn.  The kids are learning about vowels and consonants with this activity along with letter identification.  I keep a list of student names in a pocket chart nearby.  It only took a few days before I had students looking at the chart to figure it out.  I didn't say anything about looking at it.  I wanted to see who would figure it out on their own first.  I still have some students who don't understand that the name we are trying to figure out is in the pocket chart and others who just don't understand how to look for who has what letters. 
Kindergarten Newsbook - Each day the students have oral language time where we talk with our friends about a topic of my choice.  Then we share out what are partner told us or we all have a turn to share with the class.  I pick a student to have their news put into our class newsbook.  The students are learning a lot about each other and we also sound out the words and talk about letter formation. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What we have been up to lately!

Well, school started over 2 weeks ago already and I have been so busy I haven't posted anything!  My poor Ian was so sick that I miss 3 days of school during the first 2 weeks.  All is better now and we are settling into a routine at school and working on correcting behavior that was ignored by the substitute teachers. 
We have been finding letters in our names and not in our names from magazines.  It is not only working on letter identification but also fine motor.  Some kids really need work with scissors and how to correctly use glue (which can really be a disaster some times).

We have also been working on making letters and numbers with playdough.  Of course, we first learned how to correctly use playdough and then had exploration time before we worked.