Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Progress

Almost Ready for My Kindergarteners!
 Here is how we will be doing lunch count each day.  The kids will move their names to hot, cold, or milk only.  This is also how I will take attendance.  I like that it is on the side of my desk.
 These number posters are wonderful.  I also like how we hung them this year.  My coworker's husband came up with the idea.  Use 3M command hooks, sting, and mini clothespin (found at Wal-Mart).  Now I do not have to worry about everything falling down in the winter when the sticky tack gets too cold.
 I made my alphabet for my word wall a couple of years ago.  I found in online but no longer know where I go the idea.  I changed it to have things I wanted and things I had.  Each letter has something on it that starts with that letter.

 Here is a close up of some.

Here is a list of all of them incase you want to make one of your own for your classroom.
A is Apples
B is Buttons
C is Cottonballs
D is Dominoes
E is Egg Shells (yes, real ones)
F is Flags
G is Gold Glitter
H is Hearts
I is Insects
J is Jelly Beans
K is Kool-Aid
L is Leaves
M is Money
N is Noodles
O is an Octopus
P is Pom Poms
Q is Q-tips
R is Ribbon
S is Smiles
T is Tootsie Rolls
U is Upside Down (stickers of people upside down)
V is a picture of our school Valley View
W is Wood
X is X marks the spot
Y is Yarn
Z is Zebra Strips
Here is our Welcome sign hung between the two kindergarten classrooms on our side of the building.  I also love my I heart Mrs. Grenz sign that a student gave to me 2 years ago for teacher appreciation week. 

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