Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Ian helping organize the classroom.

I got new large magnetic letters which I love!

I post the Common Core Standards behind my desk for easy reference when doing my lesson plans.  I have them laminated so that I can write on them each year.

I use magnetic pocket charts to post my learning targets for each day.

This is our Noise-O-Meter.  My previous students were actually better about using it than I was.  They would remind me that it of what level we were on or that I needed to move it.

I just made this for the new school year.  Students will have their name on the small sticky note and will put it next to their current goal.  It will be constantly changing based on their writing.  I am really excited to use it.  It will also be a great checklist for the kiddos while they work on their writing.  I got this idea from Pinterest and downloaded the labels.  Click on the Button below to go to the blog where I found the labels.

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